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First FanFiction
Saturday, 14 February 2009
First Chapter.
Mood:  spacey
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-I own all of this story execpt a few characters.This has explicit Theme's if you are not allowed to read this kind of story please close this now-

Anywhere But Home

Written By Kodee 

Am I going crazy or has this family started hating me for coming out of the closet. I really don’t care anymore, I am graduating tomorrow and leaving to live with my boyfriend tomorrow. Sorry my name is Kodee Damian DeAngelo I’m eighteen with sea blue eyes and blonde shoulder length hair and a muscular build. I heard a knock come through the door. I walked over and opened it. “Hey dad. I’m just getting stuff together to leave tomorrow.” I said going back to what I was doing. “Well we need to have a discussion. You need to know something before you leave because I don’t want you to keep living this lie. We’ve lived it for fifteen years and it’s time to come straight out and clean up the mess we’ve started.” He said emotionless. “Ok you’re scaring me. I can’t take it tell me now because I don’t want to leave with out knowing.” I said starting to get irritated. “Well, you’re not really our son, you were taken from your real parents at three years of age when my wife worked for them, she stole you from them because we couldn’t get lucky enough. So your last name isn’t DeAngelo, it’s Bautista. I’m sorry.” He said leaving the room. “Oh great, me stolen from my real parents at three years old…” I muttered under my breath as I started crying. I picked up my cellular phone and dialed my boyfriends number. “Hey Kodee, what’s up honey?” Casey asked me. “I have horrible news and it’s not about me moving out to live with you.” I said tears still streaming down my face. “Then what is it babe?” He asked starting to get concerned. I can just imagine what his eyes are sparkling with. “I’m not really DeAngelo, I was stolen from my original parents when I was three. Erin stole me from them.” I said starting to sob louder then I was. “I need you to get me in about three hours. I need to leave babe.” I said with emotion flowing through my voice making it quiver. “Ok, I will be there in a hour and a half. I want to be with you, but I’m considering your feelings so I’m giving you some time to be alone.” He said lovingly. “Thanks Casey. I really do love you.” I said excited that I’m finally leaving this shit hole. “I love you too Kodee. I hope you can do ok for a hour an a half, if not give me a call and I’ll be there earlier. Love you, see you soon.” he said hanging up the phone. Oh great I have to wait an hour and a half before I get to see my boyfriend again. He wasn’t allowed to stay over because they didn’t like the fact of having one gay person under their roof much less two. Also they thought we’d do ‘bad’ things, what they don’t know is we are not going to sleep together that way until we move in together.

The last hour and fifteen minutes went by fast I got everything I have packed and waiting for him to show up to get me. When I brought my bags downstairs I got ganged up on, so to say, all the people I lived with for the last fifteen years were all over me asking me why I was going and why not go tomorrow my answer was ask your father and your husband. I brought all my bags outside and sat down to wait for the last five minutes. I started getting into my texts back and forth when I heard a car door close and fast moving steps coming in my directions. I looked up from my phone for four seconds before arms encircled me from behind. I turned around and kissed Casey lightly but passionately. “I don’t want to stay here anymore then I have to. Lets get these bags and put them into the trunk and backseat.” I said almost back to tears. “Ok, I’ll get your bags and put them into the car and we’ll be off, go sit in the car and wait it’ll only take five minutes.” Casey said pulling away and starting to get my stuff and put it into the car so I decided just to do what he says and wait in the car. I text his phone and told him not to talk to the people living there if they came out and asked anything. He text back ‘will do, love you lots -Casey.’

Five minutes later he got into the drivers seat and put up the middle rest. He slid closer to me and embraced me, I put my head on his shoulder. I was tempted to cry, but I don’t want to show pain in front of the house of kidnappers. I pulled away a little and looked into his eyes, obviously hearing my thoughts he kissed me with a gentle passion. “Lets get back to our house babe.” Casey said happily, “I love the feeling of saying that and having you close enough to kiss and cuddle when ever you need it or I do.” “I love you and lets get back to the house.” I said smiling a smile of trust and understanding.

Before we went to our house we stopped by his parents house. Probably to get some input on how to help me deal with this situation. I guess I didn’t hide my pain and distrust good enough. I think everyone learned to read my expressions. “I’m so sorry hun, I’m also sorry that you have a feeling of distrust and disloyalty. At least you have someone as loyal and trusting also understanding as my son, Casey you do your absolute best to make Kodee here feel as well as possible. And I’ll check on that last name for you Kodee.” Casey’s mother Bertha said showing the love and compassion I had always known being around this family. “Thank you Mom.” I said. “Hey I’m not your mom yet. He-he.” Bertha exclaimed. “Well you wont have to wait long.” Casey said excitedly. “What do you mean by that!” Bertha and I exclaimed at the same time. “Wow, that was scary.” I said looking embarrassed. “I was going to bring this up tomorrow, but after tonight’s happenings. I thought of waiting a while so Kodee can be positive before it happens, but I’ll bring it up now,” He said getting off the couch and coming over to me. He went down on one knee and brought out a box with a lovely amethyst ring. “Kodee, Will you give me the honor of being your spouse and giving me your hand in marriage?” he finished. I was startled although we have been dating steadily for six years now it was still a shock. I looked at his mom and his brother both were as stunned as I was. I finally got the emotions under control. “I would love to.” I said starting to cry as he slid the ring on my finger. “I love you Kodee and always will.” He said loud enough for his mom to hear and also his brother. He kissed me tenderly with that a passion sparked inside me as I put my arms around his neck and he slid his arms protectively around my waist. With that my leg popped up so one leg was down and the other was a half square shape. I broke the kiss first embarrassed by the outburst of passion in front of my soon to be family. “Well, this deserves the best dinner, I must cook tonight for us all.” Bertha said happily with the excuse she needed to keep busy or she’ll start crying because her oldest son was getting married to her favorite one of his friends me. She loves me like a son, and she is willing to let her son marry me. Not because of my problem but because of the massive amount of passion between us. “Ok, we’ll stay for dinner after dinner we vamoose.” Casey said trying be funny. “Honey, don’t try to be funny, that’s my specialty.” I said and everyone burst out laughing. He started to protest and I put my finger to his lips. “Need any help mom?” I asked sticking my tongue out at her giving her the I can call you that now ha-ha gesture. “No, this is one of your special nights. You don’t do anything that isn’t avoidable.” She said mocking a strict parent and shaking her finger at me. “Don’t get that finger to close or it’ll be off faster than you can say staccato.” I said jokingly at that she left the room. I went and sat on the loveseat and Casey came and sat behind me. I pulled my phone out. Wow one hundred texts in less then seven minutes. “Would you look at that. You’re popular, but who would be texting you fourteen times a minute?” Casey asked obviously suspicious. “Not sure, oh my god. A few of those are from them.” I said looking down at my phone and the texts that I got from them. I texted my friends the good news and the bad news. And I didn’t know what to do with the ones from them. I walked into the kitchen to ask Bertha what to do with the texts. “Mom, What do I do about texts from the kidnappers?” I asked my voice quivering. “Well, what do they say.” Bertha asked suspicious holding her hand out for the phone. “You can read them but delete them or tell me what I should do because I’m not used to this kind of thing. I have never experienced this kind of stuff.” I said feeling the tears burning under the lids of my eyes. “well you should reply to the family and tell them to stop texting you or you’ll change your number and wont give it to them and tell all of your friends if you change numbers don’t give them the number. That’s what I did and they didn’t text me back I felt so relieved.

After dinner we were all sitting around with a glass of Champaign in our hands. “I would like to toast the newly engaged couple my brother and Kodee, I hope everything goes great and the love doesn’t leave.” Brandyn said looking happy for us. We finished our drinks. “We should be leaving mom.” Casey said waiting to get me alone and in our house so we can have the best fun of all. “Your right Casey, Kodee should get used to living in your house. By the way which last name would be kept, or would it be hyphenated?” Bertha asked. “It would be hyphenated mom.” I said and Casey nodded in approval with that we got into the car and let for the house.

We were home at last about fifteen minutes later. I let myself in through the front door. He gave me a tour of our house it is quite big six bed six bath. The master bedroom was the size of my old upstairs. The bath could fit two skinny or muscular built people at the same time. The walls are an exact copy of Casey’s eyes, the bedroom walls are also that color. “I love it baby. Come here.” I said acting strict. He faked a yelp to make me laugh and it worked. I sat on the bed and he came over to me I pulled him down unto the bed and we kissed deep and passionately. I unbuttoned the top button of his shirt and worked my way down until his chest was showing then I pulled it off of him. I went back to kissing him, I started to kiss down his hairless chest down to his bellybutton and I kissed around it. I followed his abs down to his pants and started kissing his pleasure point of right above the waist line. I unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his zipper, as I started kissing the quick growing bulge through his underwear. I pulled off my own shirt and pants. I pulled his pants off with his undergarments. I started to give him pleasure when I realized I wanted bliss too I took off my underwear and I sucked him a few times then got on top of him and I felt him at the back door. I slowly put pressure down on his penis until his head popped. It was delightful but the pain of the first time rippled through my bones and my skin. I slowly got the whole nine inches of pure penis into me then I started to rock back and forth on top of him. He started moaning and he was whispering my name as I was moaning in delight and ecstasy. He was close to cumin I felt him tense up under me and he was pounding harder not that I cared I didn’t want this moment to end. “Cum with me.” Casey said as he delivered the last few strokes into me. We came at the same time and we both cuddled and were soon asleep. At ten O’clock in the morning we were awoken by the home phone ringing. “Hello?” I answered picking up the phone. “Hey Kodee, this is Bertha.” Bertha said across the line. “Hey ma, what makes you call?” I asked. “Well I found out about that family the Bautista’s and their still looking after fifteen years. I had a few of my police official friends help me out on this one. Here’s their number.” she said giving me the number. “Thanks ma, we’ll probably stop by later. Love you.” I said hanging up. “Who was that babe?” Casey asked me drowsily. “It was your mom hun. She gave me information on my real parents, and told me I should probably get a hold of them.” I said kissing him. “Oh, I thought we’d stay home today, but I don’t have a problem holding that off until tomorrow.” Casey said winking. “Tomorrow sounds good baby.” I said getting up to take a shower, and unpack. “I will wait here until you’re done because your probably sore from last night.” He said cunningly. “No you better come with me or I’ll beat your ass here and now.” I said jokingly and he got up and went into the bathroom with clean clothes. I got my stuff together and went into the bathroom after him. We took a shower like they saying goes ‘save water shower with a friend.’ got dressed. I picked up the phone trying to muster up courage to call the people I used to know fifteen years ago. I dialed the number. “Hello this is Kate Bautista. May I ask who is calling?” Kate said. “Yes, I’m Kodee. I was told I was taken at three by Erin DeAngelo. I was also told I came from the Bautista family.” I said afraid of what would happen next. “Yes, I remember Erin DeAngelo, we fired her before our son was taken, and we want him back, although it has been fifteen years we will never give up our search.” Kate told me over the phone, “Would you be willing to take a blood test to ensure the fact that you actually are who we think you are?” “Yea, although there might be a problem, I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart, I’m not normal I’m gay.” I said embarrassed at the outburst over the phone. “That will be fine as long as we get our first born back. May I ask where you are?” Kate asked. “I’m in San Francisco, California.” I said to her over the phone. “Well, my husband and I could be there in three days.” Kate said not sounding the least bit excited. “We’ll be ready. I’ll talk it over with my Fiancé and I think we’d be able to give you a room in the house we’re living at.” I said matter-of-factly looking at Casey and mouthing ‘its only for a few days. I just want to get this over with’ and turning my attention back to the phone. “Ok, I’ll make the schedule and who knows if it is true and you’re our Kodee we’ll even send out a text to you’re younger brother. He’s quite busy so we’re not saying anything right now so he doesn’t get his hopes up for nothing if it turns out badly.” Kate said stifling a sob. “Talk to you tomorrow, I’ll call you to let you know the final arrangements.” Kate said hanging up.

“Wow, I’m glad to be done with that phone call. I didn’t think I could do it there for a moment.” I said to a puzzled Casey. “It’s ok, everyone will love you baby, I know I do.” Casey said giggling. “I can’t sit here right now, can we go to moms’ please?” I asked him before I walked over and kissed him passionately on the lips. “Yeah, lets go we need to start making plans for the wedding anyhow and moms’ going to want to be notified, so we’ll let her have her say on what happens.” Casey said getting up off the bed and meeting me at the bedroom door. He then wrapped his arm around my neck. “Thanks for being there when ever I needed you. I really do love you Casey.” I said thinking about how if he asked to get married tomorrow at some all night marriage place I would jump so fast it wouldn’t be funny. “I love you now and I will always love you Kodee.” Casey said. With that we left.

I explained to Casey’s mom what all went down on the phone and she was ecstatic she couldn’t believe after so long I’d actually meet my family, but she didn’t know where the wedding was going to take place and she was worried that if I found my real family and they were rich I would break her sons heart by breaking up the marriage. I would never do that we are destined to be together. Even if it meant giving up my real family I would do it to be happy. Soon we were leaving to get some sleep before my real family called us.

We got home tired and we didn’t even make love, we changed into our night clothes, which are boxers and soon after that we fell asleep cuddled in each others arms.

I awoke early the next morning. I got up quietly so as not to disturb my soon-to-be husbands sleep. I got my clothes ready for today and went and took a shower. By the time I was done my fiancé was already awake and making coffee. “Hey there baby, want some coffee?” Casey asked me turning around and walking to me. He slipped his arms around my waist and kissed me passionately sparking a kindle in my soul, making me want more.

Posted by dragqueenkodee at 2:15 AM CST
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